At the Pazio Institute, we are redefining how people perceive aging. Dr. Alexander Paziotopoulos uses an integrative treatment style that combines a strong foundation in traditional medicine with revolutionary biological and technological advances in the fields of metabolic, regenerative and stem cell therapeutics.

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The Pazio Institute

As medical technology has advanced and average lifespans have increased, the issue of aging has been accepted as a matter of course and a natural, expected side effect of living longer. Patients and doctors alike write off hundreds of ailments and diseases as “to be expected”, and protect themselves against their fears of mortality and death by projecting a sort of fatalism, expressed often as: “That’s just the way it is when you get older.” This tendency to throw in the towel when it comes to the concept of aging leads to a much lower quality of life than should be acceptable. An expanded life expectancy shouldn’t be viewed as a mere extension of life’s “most decrepit years” - instead, it should be viewed as an opportunity to seek out ways to remain active, vibrant, and able to enjoy living to the fullest.

A new and “radical” approach to aging and death is to view death as merely the endpoint of a life well lived, rather than the final stage of a long and tortuous decline. Aging should be repudiated as a necessary evil, and instead treated as a problem to be solved by discovering the cause and creating a plan for prevention, instead of mitigation. Doctors are taught to treat symptoms, not causes. They are taught to manage the side effects of aging, not to tackle aging itself. As a result, the age of 60 is now considered “old”, and disease and disability simply accepted as a matter of course. The exciting fact that life can and often will extend another 10, 20, 30 years or more beyond that age is dimmed by the assumption that those years will be the least enjoyable.

What if, instead of treating merely symptoms and side effects of the aging process, the causes of aging themselves were treated? Life as we know it could be changed forever. Instead of an all-too-short childhood followed in rapid succession by young adulthood, maturity, middle age, and a rapid descent into a lingering twilight filled with aches and pains, a vibrant and active life could be pursued well into one’s eighth or ninth decade.

Pazio Institute focuses on identifying causes of aging at the core. Objective assessments of each patient’s structural, metabolic and cognitive systems are run at scheduled intervals, and a dynamic regimen of biochemical, nutritional, physiologic, stem cell and neuro-cognitive treatments are customized and modified for the individual. New technologies such as proteomics, genomics, nanotechnology, and cellular reprogramming can be added as these therapies are evolved and perfected. 

The focus of Pazio Institute isn’t just on extending life; it’s on improving the quality of that life, reducing the likelihood of being disabled or subject to early death by degenerative diseases or cancers, implementing regenerative therapies, and preserving aesthetic beauty. We help patients understand their unique situation, assess their health and put together an actionable plan for optimization of their lifespan.  

A Radical Approach to Aging & Death

Customized IV Therapy

We offer a radical approach to tackle the root causes of aging, include bio-identical hormone replacement and stem cell therapies.

Low Dose Immunotherapy

Generating a baseline for a patient's brain function can pave the way for more effective treatment protocols.

Anti-Aging Therapies

Neurocognitive Assessments

Low dose immunotherapy, (LDI) can treat chronic illness caused by overstimulated immune systems.

IV Therapy infuses nutrients and pharmacobotanical compounds to maximize each patient's health.

At Pazio Institute, Dr. Alexander Paziotopoulos provides a wide range of innovative functional medicine services, including:

I came to Dr. Alex after a car accident that left my neck in a lot of pain. From the very beginning, Dr. Alex Paziotopoulos went above and beyond to focus not only on relieving my pain, but in helping me to restore the function and range of motion of my neck. I've now returned to all my normal activities, including an array of sports. As a bonus, Dr. Alex has helped me to become a healthier individual in general through lifestyle changes and supplements.

I've been working with Dr. Paziotopoulos for 6 weeks now. I came to him with very low energy and adrenal fatigue. I'm a 38yr. old business owner working long hours daily, a fitness competitor & have a 13 yr. old son that keeps me busy with school and sports. After getting the results of my blood work, he put together an amazing plan with his knowledge and expertise. He has given me bio-identical supplements that have built up my adrenals, optimized my thyroid and balanced out my hormones! I haven't felt this good in years. I would highly recommend him to anyone! Couldn't ask for a better doctor!"

- Becky

- Christoph

The Pazio Institute is designed to work for your body, not on your body!

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