Dinner with the Doc – July 8th – 7pm – 73 E. Lake – Reservations @ 312.981.4020

Healthy living starts with the foods you eat. Learning how to do this properly and discovering ways to enjoy it, can take time and energy. However, sometimes just starting in the right place, with the right people can make a big difference in your journey. For example, my friend Caitlin Boyer, is a plant-based chef who is extremely passionate about cooking and eating organically. She believes that doing so is the key to living a healthy life. As a personal chef and organic gardener, Caitlin can tell her clients exactly where their food came from and how it was prepared. It’s organic, it’s vegan, it’s healthy and importantly, it tastes great!

“So much love and good energy goes into the food I make, especially when I know I grew and cared for the food myself.” -Caitlin Boyer

Caitlin and I decided that together we could educate people about this lifestyle and the importance of eating right. We are launching the first in a series called Dinner with the Doc. The dinner will be held on July 8th at 7pm and we invite you to meet us for dinner, drinks and a discussion on health. Caitlin will prepare several plant-based dishes that are not only great for you, but insanely delicious. The education we plan to offer our guests, can truly change their lives. It’s more than how you look, it’s about the way your body performs and the way you feel.

Guests will receive appetizers, a gourmet meal, wine, an open-discussion with an Integrative Physician and Trained Vegan Chef, a free initial consult with the doctor and a discount on your first order from Chef Caitlin. Also, Dr. Alex will spend time answering health questions guests may have one on one.

Call soon to make your reservation. Seats are limited and priced at $50. To make a reservation call Chicago Integrative Care at 312-981-4020.

This is something Caitlin and I are very passionate about and we understand that eating healthy isn’t always easy. However, fueling your body with nutritious and wholesome foods is critical for living a long, healthy life. Often, patients tell me that dieting and eating healthy, for one reason or another, is too challenging. They admit healthy food is simply less satisfying. I can understand how many people feel this way, however, as someone who has been gluten-free and vegan since the late 90s, I can also disagree.

During our discussion at Dinner with the Doc, we will talk about a lot about the benefits of a vegan diet.  However, I know that for some, a dietary restriction such as this is extreme. Yet, from my experience, I have found a world of options in terms of delicious and healthy foods that I can eat as a vegan. Even if changing your diet in this way isn’t for you, there are still many dietary changes you can make to become a healthier person.

Fortunately, sometimes making small changes can make a big impact. For example…

  • Carbs, such as pasta, table sugar and some grains, all have a high glycemic-index. These foods disrupt blood sugar and insulin levels, leading to serious metabolic diseases.Limit these items in your diet and replace them when possible with legumes and vegetables to regulate your metabolism and reduce the risk of many chronic diseases.
  • Soda, artificial sweeteners and high fructose corn syrup products are filled with processed and refined chemicals that create an imbalance in your energy levels and inhibit proper hormone functions.Cutting processed foods out of your diet can promote weight loss and make a noticeable difference in the way you feel.
  • Animal by-products often are high in cholesterol and saturated fats. Even without removing these products from your diet altogether and simplylowering your intake of these items, you can improve your BMI, lower blood pressure and help to monitor and prevent diabetes. 

The things you eat truly impacts your health and I am passionate about helping others implement a more balanced and nutritious diet into their lives.